Creating custom 3D simulations

From AI segmentations to simulation training, we facilitate your organization's needs.

Merging haptics and VR

Preparing residents for the task ahead

Case background

The operating room is the most expensive place to learn steps of the procedure. Laparoscopic simulation training supports surgeons in obtaining skills required to perform the surgery. Mastering the skills is just the beginning, understanding the full dynamics of the operating room is next.

Tailored solution

Collaborating with Amsterdam Skills Center, Lapron Box, and MedicalVR seamlessly integrated haptic feedback from the Lapron Box with the realistic sounds and dynamics of the operating room. This comprehensive training immerses learners in a lifelike environment.

Surgical simulation training

Practise complex jaw surgery

Case background

LeFort I surgery involves separating and reconstructing the upper jaw (maxilla) through 20 challenging steps, utilizing as many diverse surgical instruments. Our customers at the Oral and Maxilla Facial surgery department at the Erasmus Medical Center (The Netherlands) sought a safe environment for training surgical procedures.

Tailored VR solution

MedicalVR developed a tailored surgical training simulator featuring all the different surgical steps with custom made instruments. Next to comprehending and practicing the steps, the students were questioned with multiple choice on their anatomic, instrumental and procedural knowledge.