Surgical Planning

Enhancing understanding of patient specific anatomy

Pre-operative planning

The advanced technology translates any CT scan into a 3D model, providing surgeons a clear pre-operative view into the patient’s unique anatomy for precise planning. 

50% Change in Surgical Plan: a scientific study conducted by Erasmus MC and MedicalVR proves a surgeons plan is optimized in more than 50% of the cases compared to conventional CT imaging. 

User-Friendly Interface: Easily navigate within the Viewer, adjusting 3D models, annotating observations, and measure distances between areas of interest. 

Intra-operative planning

Compatible system that dynamically adjust 3D models to the patient’s anatomy, serving as navigator and support tool throughout the entire surgical procedure.

Minimize Errors: Navigate surgery with confidence as our 3D models dynamically adjust to the patient’s anatomy, gaining insights and anatomic understanding throughout the surgical process. 

Compatible Integration: Connect seamlessly with robot surgery systems or video-assisted solutions, expanding the versatility of our 3D models across various surgical technologies.

The future of robotic surgery

Clinical application of the MedicalVR platform