PulmoVR: enable lung sparing surgery

View thew tumor, segments, arteries, veins and bronchus

Patient specific, segmented and VR visualised.

Why PulmoVR

PulmoVR places a digital twin of the patient in front of the surgeon. The digital twin is combined of patient CT-scans and segmentations which visualizes anatomic structures as airways, arteries, veins and segments. The user has complete control over position of the digital twin meaning, it can be placed in any position. Likewise, the user has full control over the CT-scan and segmentesd structures so any can be adjusted in opacity, brightness, color or values. The structures can be selected individually from each other. For example, within the presets function with a single click, the surgeon can decide to only show the airways and segments or veins and airways or decide own desired presets. User have even more visual freedom than in the operating room.

Preoperative planning

Rehearse a procedure prior to surgery.

Patient specific

The digital twin is based on the CT-scan and segmentations.

A training tool

Experienced or new in the field, PulmoVR improves anatomic understanding. Specific cases can be saved and reopened in a later stage thanks to the Workspaces features

An array of features

Draw, make notes, change settings, view the 2D CT-scan, save your work and more features are implemented within PulmoVR.

Patient information

Inform the patient about complication and the surgical plan.

"This is the greatest break-through in preoperative surgical imaging since the introduction of the CT-scan in the 1970’s"

- Lex Maat MD, Cardiothoracic surgeon, Erasmus MC -

MedicalVR process Gif