World’s first hybrid VR and AI lung surgery planning tool

Surgical planning has not significantly changed over the last 40 years. Surgeons still plan using 2D CT images, and this needs to change. MedicalVR is building a suite of products to allow surgeons to more easily plan the most complex surgeries using VR and AI technology, allowing for more immersive, real life planning procedures. MedicalVR has proven its technology in hundreds of surgeries giving patients a higher quality of life afterwards.

The Role

AI plays a crucial part in the visualization of our medical imaging technology as it allows the doctor to visualize a digital twin of the patient in life-like 3D. This visualization relies on sophisticated deep learning models that create comprehensive, correct and rich segmentatations of anatomical structures, like bronchus, veins and arteries. Your role would entail working on existing and creating new models to drastically improve the time needed from patient scan to visualization. You will work to bring this AI from the cloud onto local machines, ultimately inside the OR. You will explore the future of intra-operative visualizations by connecting (robot-)video feeds to our 3D models to navigate and assist doctors during their procedures.


  • Help optimize the z-score of our current models, ever increasing their accuracy and reliability.
  • Write code, (unit) tests, build prototypes and connect systems to work in hospital infrastructures.
  • Closely follow developments in the field of (realtime-)AI and represent MedicalVR in academic and professional communities. You will have the opportunity to contribute and advance the field by (co-)authoring research white papers and/ or patent grant applications.
  • Help educate engineers on other teams through code reviews, giving talks, and/ or writing documentation.
  • Learn about a wide variety of problems and solutions when applying AI as medical technology


  • Strong experience developing with and in the Python AI ecosystem
  • Strong experience of Python and best practices therein
  • Knowledge of at least one Python AI framework (Numpy, Pandas, TensorFlow/ Keras, PyTorch)
  • You can build consensus on complex issues, through your empathy, internal credibility and visibility.
  • You know how to approach an existing codebase and improve its architecture through small, planned interventions.

Bonus Points:

  • Experience with medical image processing techniques and standards
  • Experience with a systems programming language (C++, C#, Rust, etc)
  • Understanding of the threading limitations of Python, and multi-process architecture
  • Experience with running models locally, even within a web browser

What we offer:

  • Gross annual salary ranging €50.000 – €80.000 based on 5 days a week
  • Hybrid model of remote work: where we work from home and the office (In Nieuw-Vennep)
  • 25 vacation days (based on a full time employment)
  • Free lunches and regular drinks
  • Join a smart, fast-growing, international, fun and energetic team
  • Be part of the latest developments within medical Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality field
  • Ability to visit hospitals, attend complex surgeries and everything that is needed to completely understand how surgeons work and operate

Find more information at or visit our MedicalVR Linkedin page for the latest updates.

Interested? Send your CV and motivation to:

[email protected].