Visualizing CT-scans

in immersive

3D Virtual Reality

for surgeons


3D CT in Virtual Reality

MedicalVR is developing the future standard of pre-operative planning for complex procedures. We’re leveraging the benefits of Virtual Reality (VR), 3D-modelling and artificial intelligence (AI) to build software that improves the surgeon's understanding of the patient’s complex anatomy. This leads to better surgical outcomes for patients, better health care and enables cost saving for clinics and hospitals.

Picture of the past

Conventionally, surgeons review 2D CT scans in order to prepare for complex surgical cases. In their mind, the surgeons make a 3D-representation of these flat 2D-scans. This 3D-representation supports the understanding of the patient’s anatomy and how the surgeon will perform the surgery. Considering the number of flat 2D-images, the detail on the CT’s, complexity of the human anatomy and every patient’s unique anatomic structures, the visualization from 2D to 3D is a daunting task.


"This the greatest break-through in surgical imaging since the introduction of CT-scans in the 1970's"

- Drs. A. Maat, Cardiothoracic surgeon, Erasmus MC -