CT-scans in immersive 3D Virtual Reality

Achieve 3D anatomic understanding

Ideal for preoperative planning, education and training

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3D CT in Virtual Reality

By leveraging the benefits of patient specific CT-scans, Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), MedicalVR is developing the future of pre-operative planning. Patient-specific CT-scans are segmented and transferred into a 3D-model creating a digital twin of the patient. Allow optimal pre-operative planning, patient information, training and education.

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Picture of the past

Conventionally, surgeons review 2D CT scans in order to prepare for complex surgical cases. In their mind, the surgeons make a 3D-representation of these flat 2D-scans. This 3D-representation supports the understanding of the patient’s anatomy and how the surgeon will perform the surgery. Considering the number of flat 2D-images, the detail on the CT’s, complexity of the human anatomy and every patient’s unique anatomic structures, the visualization from 2D to 3D is a daunting task.

A Virtual Reality dicom viewer

MedicalVR transfers CT-scans into 3D-models through the 3D CT in VR software. CT-scans are the fundamentals of our proprietary software. Any type of department ‘s scans can be visualized in an immersive virtual reality environment. Users experience complete freedom to interact with the model, fly through the anatomy and learn how anatomy of the patient is constructed.

Preparation & Training

prepare a surgery or train medical staff to improve 3D anatomic understanding.

Full immersion

View a digital twin of the patient within the VR environment and experience 360-degree freedom.


Create a workspace where all preferred settings are saved.


Save time by choosing presets of dicom settings.

Draw & make notes

Within the environment, color anatomic units or make notes next to anatomic units to identify them.

Reduce Time & Costs

lower face—to-face training and steepen learning curve.


PulmoVR combines patient specific CT-scan, AI-algorithms provided by Thirona to visualize complex anatomic structures. Through VR, the surgeon is fully immersed and visualizes the digital win of the patient. This product is still for research and educational use only.

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