3D Surgery Platform

The Navigation System for medical specialists

Lung surgeries

One dedicated software suite...

…enabling: pre-operative planning, simulation and intra-operative navigation.

A surgical planning platform

Enhance understanding of the patient’s 3D anatomy. Providing pre- and intra-operative insights and anatomic insights.

CT to 3D technology: Instantly transform a patient’s CT scan into a personalized colored 3D model. Visualize how lung lobes, arteries, veins and airways relate to a tumor.

Surgical planning: Facilitate surgical planning by preparing and practicing surgeries in 3D, or simulate surgical steps intra-operatively. Offering valuable insights to enhance patient care.

Advanced imaging technology

The software suite contains next-generation algorithms that facilitate tools providing optimal insights.

Automatic segmentation: Load a CT scan and review the automatically segmented lung lobes, arteries, veins and airways. Select a tumor and prepare for surgery.

Deform the anatomy: MedicalVR’s next-generation algorithms allow deformation of anatomic structures to simulate how lungs deform during surgical steps.

Understand anatomy in 3D

Visualizing a 3D model on a conventional 2D screen can limit your perception to a ‘flat’ image. True 3D screens, whether integrated into Virtual, Augmented Reality or spatial computing headsets, offer exceptional tools for exploring the digital twin of a patient.

Depth perception: 3D imaging provides a true stereoscopic view allowing the user to understand how anatomic structures correlate in lifelike 3D.

Simulation and training: Immersing in a 3D environment allows the user to test the steps and enhance understanding of the procedure at hand.

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